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I wanted to add a different cultural mix and spin to they usual yarn about jazz and its music from the US(Specifically), and Europe, only, by cobbling together the following connection, using the music of South Africa, giving some rare and short, at times a tad long histories, and bios, in order to try and sample a very large field of sound, music history and dance by the African people of South Africa.

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The black bands that used to play at parties of white people started playing also for black people, and their sound became more and more Africanized. There were well-known white musicians such as Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, Milton Mezzrow, Mugsy Spanier or Joe Sullivan, who were inspired by Afro-American icons and jazz masters like Louis Armstrong and his contemporaries.

“Watermelon Man” provided Mongo Santamaria with a hit single, but “Taking Off” caught Miles’ attention and Hancock and Tony Williams were introduced to Miles who was forming a band at that time. Miles Made the Album, “On the Corner” in 1972 for the young African American audience, and in it he blended funk elements with the traditional jazz styles he has played his entire career.

In 1955, while freelancing and studying with Dennis Sandole, hand had been absent from the jazz scene due to his struggles with heroin, Replica  Ray Bans Ebay, then he received a call from Miles, and joined him in Davis band known as the “First Great Quintet”, during which Mies released several influential recordings which showcased signs of Coltrane’s growing ability.

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